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Need Real-Time Insight? Bring Live And Historical Data Together Again

21-Feb-2019 | Stefan Baeuerle | Live Data

To reveal insight, live data must be analyzed instantaneously and in context. For this to happen, live and historical data need to be brought together again.

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Why CFOs Must Be Strategists – And How To Become One

13-Jun-2018 | Niall Salmon | Live Data

More and more companies want their CFO to be the go-to person who helps shape the overall strategy of the organization, with both the company's end goals and financial well-being in mind.

A “Run Live” Powerplay In The Rink And The Marketplace

16-Feb-2018 | Emma Reeve | Live Data

Here's how German hockey team Adler Mannheim is achieving a competitive edge through IoT technology, an industry-leading mobile app, and live data.

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