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Women In Enterprise Cloud Computing. Part 3: To See Opportunities, Put Yourself In Someone Else's Shoes

4-Jul-2018 | Jutta Lachenauer | Leadership

In the third part of the series on leadership advice from women in cloud computing, Baerbel Haenelt shares her experience in opening up new talent and innovation opportunities by embracing diversity.

From Stone Axes To Space Shuttles: The Human Capacity To Innovate

20-Mar-2018 | Guenter Pecht-Seibert | Leadership

As artificial intelligence begins to shape entirely new workplaces, organizations are keen to advance their levels of automation. But in so doing, they shouldn’t lose sight of what makes them truly innovative – the fact that we’re simply human.

Succession Management: Why Do We Still Fail To Get It Right?

11-Dec-2017 | Dr. Ernesto Marinelli | Leadership

Succession management is important to ensure that trained employees are ready and able to step into new roles as needed. Here's how to implement a strategy.

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