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Businesses With A Purpose And Latin America's Evolution

29-Aug-2019 | Marcelo Fernandes | Latin America

Procurement and supply chain professionals can play a key role by embracing technologies that make them leaders in this purposeful new business-oriented era.

tax policy, EU, Latin America, VAT, real-time monitoring

How EU Countries Are Following Latin America’s Technology Lead To Narrow Their VAT Gap

4-Jul-2018 | Christiaan van der Valk | Latin America

EU countries are looking to real-time VAT control, where the local tax administration places itself at the heart of a transaction between a supplier and a buyer, to reduce tax fraud, evasion, or error.

natural resources, conservation, sustainability, water management, data, analytics, SAP partners

Itron Strives To Save Every Drop Of Water

2-Jul-2018 | Scott Campbell | Latin America

Itron is using in-memory database technology to help utilities prevent waste of the most precious natural resource on Earth.

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