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The Evolution Of Technology Continues: What’s Next In 2019

26-Feb-2019 | Christine Evans | Latest Tech Trends

Deloitte sees eight trends that will make 2019 “a more opportune time to leave your mark on your company, your industry, and an entire world of possibility.”

analytics, artificial intelligence, 2019 trends

Top 10 Analytics Trends For 2019

29-Jan-2019 | Timo Elliott | Latest Tech Trends

For over 40 years, users have been dreaming about easy, natural access to reliable business information; 2019 is the year that becomes a reality.

2019, CIO, technology trends, forecast, prediction

CIO Priorities For 2019: IT Thought Leaders Share Their Predictions

9-Jan-2019 | Jean Loh | Latest Tech Trends

Experts share their priorities and how adoption will change IT roles, organizational structures, and business models as we move deeper into 2019.

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