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Modern Slavery: What Is Expected Of Organizations?

3-Oct-2018 | Thomas Frenehard | Labor Exploitation

How can businesses help eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains?

How Can Machine Learning Help Eradicate Modern Slavery In Supply Chains?

24-May-2018 | Shelly Dutton | Labor Exploitation

Machine learning gives procurement and supply chain organizations a strategic weapon for freeing millions of women from modern slavery. It’s a noble purpose and a strategic investment for identifying supply chain practices that meet the demands of customers, investors, and employees who want to see slavery eradicated.

Combating Modern Slavery: It’s More Than Compliance, It’s Ethics!

3-May-2018 | Thomas Frenehard | Labor Exploitation

Modern slavery remains a global issue at a massive scale that is difficult to combat effectively. It can no longer be simply treated as a corporate social responsibility challenge. Here's how your organization can address the problem.

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