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Time For A Playdate?

17-Apr-2019 | Kerry Brown | Job Automation

Innovation is taking the work out of the work with chatbots, artificial intelligence, and the like. What’s left? One could say it’s the play aspects of work.

artificial Intelligence, Bias, automation, future of work

Why We Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Artificial Intelligence Replacing Everyone’s Jobs

5-Feb-2019 | Merlin Knott | Job Automation

AI can’t replace people because only humans can understand context and coordinate people and processes based on their understanding of that context.

robots, machines, jobs, future of work, machine learning, artificial intelligence, AI

Rise Of The Machine: Will Your Job Become Obsolete?

4-Apr-2018 | Rita Shapiro-Das | Job Automation

With machine learning and artificial intelligence ebbing into so much of our daily lives, how secure is your employment?

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