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Top Five CIO Blogs Of March 2018

5-Apr-2018 | Jean Loh | IT Trends

Want to know where IT is going? Look no further than this roundup of the best-read blogs in the CIO Knowledge section in March.

blockchain, cloud, innovation, security, trust

Blockchain In The Cloud: A New Era Of Powerhouse Innovation

27-Mar-2018 | Raj Manghnani | IT Trends

Combining blockchain and the cloud enables a simple, cost-effective, borderless network of trust, efficiency, and security.

CIO, technology trends, IT, leadership, digital transformation, digital economy

“The Digital CIO”: An Experience In The Digital Economy

21-Mar-2018 | Thomas Saueressig | IT Trends

New blog series shares personal lessons from CIOs who have taken the steps to improve speed and efficiency, eliminate wasteful practices, and avoid or overcome costly mistakes in their organizations.

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