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Two colleagues discuss insights from an analytics report on a digital tablet

Why SMBs Should Upgrade Their ERP To Transform Their Business

9-Dec-2019 | Isaac Sacolick | IT Strategy

The signs of an outgrown ERP system or one that needs an upgrade are highly visible. Do you know what they are?

creative employees working late in the office

Why Business And IT Leaders Must Be Digital Heroes To Lead Transformation

26-Nov-2019 | Jan Gilg | IT Strategy

By preparing your business for the future with a new generation of ERP solutions, you can open the door to new innovations and opportunities.

Glass ceiling in a church in Barcelona, Spain

Prioritize Core Over Edge: Top 5 Best Practices Of Best-in-Class Digitalists, Part 2

13-Nov-2019 | Alexander Greb | IT Strategy

What is “core,” what is “edge,” and should we prioritize one over the other?

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