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Overcoming Analysis Paralysis And Jumpstarting Digital Transformation: 3 Tips

29-Nov-2018 | Pamela Dunn | IT Strategy

Here are 3 tips for jumpstarting your effort, moving beyond the hype, and turning digital transformation into a practical strategy for driving long-term growth.

design thinking, digital transformation, intelligent enterprise, build phase

How To Accelerate The Build Phase Of Digital Transformation

27-Nov-2018 | Raimar Hoeliner | IT Strategy

Once you finish the design and deployment phases of your journey to an intelligent enterprise, these tips will get you through the build process faster.

IT strategy, leadership, innovation, technology adoption, machine learning, big data, IoT, predictive analytics

Project Put-It-Off-To-Next-Year: How To Fail At Tech Adoption

26-Nov-2018 | Andreas Bitterer | IT Strategy

Having an enforced strategy, aligned with corporate goals, in place takes much of the risk out of adopting new technologies.

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