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Family at the supermarket

FRoSTA Is Driving Digital Transformation And Sustainability With A Cool Head

18-Mar-2020 | Richard Howells | IoT

FRoSTA IT director Ben Windhorst shares how the midsize German frozen food company is driving digital transformation across the company.

Worker examining machinery on drums

Corporate Equipment Reliability Insights: The Reliability Issues Affecting Your Bottom Line

17-Mar-2020 | Tony Ciliberti PE | IoT

Insights from the smart use of data are powerful; but if they are smart and actionable they have a significant impact on equipment reliability and performance.

railroads track run across the field of an oil refinery

The Intelligent Oil And Gas Enterprise: Four Ways Forward

11-Mar-2020 | Patrick Fitzgerald | IoT

Companies that embrace emerging technologies to increase their agility will be best positioned to respond to market changes, whatever the future may hold.

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