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The Social Behavior Of Honeybees Applied To IoT Systems

5-Dec-2018 | John Candish | IoT

Interconnected IoT sensors in a smart city are like a honeybee colony, a community with many individual sensors intercommunicating through various protocols.

sustainability, supply chain, logistics

The Business Sense In Sustainability

4-Dec-2018 | Hala Zeine | IoT

Sustainable supply chains are not just a viable business strategy; they can also help grow the business with innovative products that delight customers.

internet of things, iot, 2019

The Internet Of Things: Get Ready For Big Changes Ahead In 2019

29-Nov-2018 | Shelly Dutton | IoT

Is there really anything left for the Internet of Things (IoT) to do? According to IDC and Gartner, now is not the time to discount the IoT as old news.

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