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Turning Stores Into Omnichannel Fulfillment Hubs

18-Jul-2018 | Praful Karanth | Inventory Management

To compete with e-commerce giants, brick-and-mortar retailers must support the trifecta of real-time inventory accuracy and visibility for customers, flawless execution of in-store fulfillment, and last-mile delivery to the customer’s home.

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Understanding How Machine Learning And AI Can Positively Impact Your Organization

4-Jun-2018 | Trent Weier | Inventory Management

Applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to supply chain process optimization is already yielding impressive results.

Retail IoT: How to Streamline Inventory Supply Chains

17-May-2018 | Christoph Schroeder | Inventory Management

Here's how IoT and other technologies are helping retail industry managers enhance the inventory management processes.

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