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The Role Of Internal Audit In Digital Trust

21-Mar-2019 | Bruce McCuaig | Internal Audit

Internal audit will play a pivotal role in achieving digital trust, but more auditors and more audits – as we know them today – are not the answer.

GRC, governance, risk, compliance, audit, risk management, finance

Lose The Myths And Step Towards A GRC Digital Transformation (Part 2)

24-Oct-2018 | Daniel Morfin | Internal Audit

Make sure you’re armed with accurate information to face GRC challenges however and whenever they come.

Confidential Meeting Minutes: Alexa Meets With Board Audit Committee

12-Jul-2018 | Bruce McCuaig | Internal Audit

Everything that is needed to digitize GRC exists today. It’s all about integration, automation, continuous monitoring, predicting, and reporting.

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