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Professional services team meets to discuss a new projects

Next Practices For Intelligent Enterprise Professional Services Companies

17-Jul-2019 | Catherine Lynch | Intelligent Technologies

Here are three “next practices” – capabilities to help professional services companies utilize data and analytics on a much grander scale.

Older man completes fitness training

Not Your Grandfather’s Procurement (Part 2)

17-Jul-2019 | Mark Brohan | Intelligent Technologies

Digital technology is changing how manufacturers do business, as supply chain management and the purchasing cycle become even more automated and transparent.

A woman sits in the back of a car looking at her mobile phone.

AI-Empowered Business: Five Foundational Elements

16-Jul-2019 | Aleksey Gurevich | Intelligent Technologies

Core data operations and platforms act as the fuel and chassis of the AI machine a business must build and evolve for continued competitive advantage.

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