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Workers meeting among boxes on conveyor belts in distribution warehouse

Three Supply Chain Trends Accelerate In Response To Current Crisis

21-May-2020 | Victor Hoeck | Intelligent Supply Chain

Transparency, automation, and new business models are sure to be on the agenda as the supply chain adds resiliency in response to the coronavirus crisis.

warehouse worker moves inventory to the cargo platform

Global Supply Chain Management For A Rapid And Dynamic Transformation Environment

5-May-2020 | Guillermo B. Vazquez | Intelligent Supply Chain

Global intelligent transfer price supply chain (GITSC) business processes enable supply chain ecosystems to efficiently operate in rapidly changing environments.

businessman using smartphone in the urban environment

The Intelligent High-Tech Enterprise: Four Ways Forward

10-Mar-2020 | Patrick Fitzgerald | Intelligent Supply Chain

By using technology to build trust and intimacy with customers, companies can accelerate growth and earn an enduring role in society’s ongoing transformation.

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