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Intelligent Networks: Holding Supply Chains To A Higher Standard

21-Aug-2018 | Paul Clark | Intelligent Networks

Here's how HPE is leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, ML, and predictive analytics to hold its supply chain to a higher standard.

Transform Transportation With Intelligent Condition Monitoring

20-Apr-2018 | Konstanze Werle | Intelligent Networks

There is a growing need for on-time delivery and more demand for capacity planning to ensure that companies can maximize capacity, reduce costs, and minimize the impact of the worker shortage. Safety and compliance issues add an additional challenge. How can companies mitigate these risks without hampering growth?

Mississauga Looks To Citizens And Industry As It Bridges Digital Divide

20-Apr-2018 | Shawn Slack | Intelligent Networks

The Southern Ontario city of Mississauga is bridging the digital divide, consulting with public and agency and industry partners to identify key areas in which technology can solve civic and social problems as part of the pan-Canadian Smart Cities Challenge.

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