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Doctors performing surgery in operating room

Collaborating For A Better Tomorrow: The Operating Room Of The Future

30-Mar-2020 | Michael Byczkowski | Intelligent Healthcare

The operating room of the future will be a networked, integrated intelligent healthcare enterprise that consolidates all data on an intelligent platform.

healthcare, wearable device, smartwatch, patient monitoring

Current And Future Role Of Wearables In Healthcare

4-Jun-2019 | Melissa Burns | Intelligent Healthcare

Smartwatches and similar wearable devices are poised to transform how doctors diagnose, monitor, and treat patient diseases.

advanced analytics, machine learning, healthcare, public health, vaccines

Battling Infectious Diseases With Emerging Technologies

6-Mar-2019 | Luciana Uhlemann | Intelligent Healthcare

Public health agencies are using machine learning, advanced analytics, and other technologies to respond to and prevent infectious disease outbreaks.

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