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Finance professonal analyzes data on a wall-sized monitor

Future-Forward Finance: Challenges And Trends (Part 2)

19-Sep-2019 | Bertille Laudoux | Intelligent Finance

Having the right processes and technology has become a competitive advantage, and igniting the finance department and data sourcing is crucial.

Smiling woman sitting at the window using laptop

How Machine Learning Is Transforming Finance Operations

17-Sep-2019 | Agnieszka Palonek | Intelligent Finance

Machine learning represents a complete game-changer in improving finance processes. Here are three questions to ask before you start developing a solution.

Workers talking on oil rig

Upstream Oil And Gas CFOs: Increase Oilfield Margins And Reduce Operating Costs

12-Sep-2019 | Craig Kindleman | Intelligent Finance

Upstream oil and gas CFOs need to moderate the boom-and-bust, bust-and-boom cycles to reduce instability and increase profitability.

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