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CFO works with IT manager to consider benefits of digital transformation project

How To Be Sure Digital Transformation Makes Financial Sense

21-Jan-2020 | Neil Krefsky | Intelligent Finance

What do you need to make the right decisions, supported by concrete data, to ensure better business performance for your company's future?

Colleagues sitting in front of laptops and discussing procurement issues

Tackling Procurement Complexity With Digital

16-Jan-2020 | Ryan Flynn | Intelligent Finance

Without a digital strategy, CPOs risk becoming overwhelmed by complexity and unable to expand their role beyond traditional cost reduction.

Silhouette of a woman using her smartphone at night in a city

2020 Predictions For Procurement, Supply Chain, Business, And More

16-Jan-2020 | Geraldine Lim | Intelligent Finance

We asked our global leaders for their perspectives on what to watch for in 2020. Here is what they had to say.

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