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soldiers use a laptop computer for surveillance during a military operation in the desert

The Intelligent Defense Force

19-May-2020 | Matthias Ledwon | Intelligent ERP

Bringing intelligent enterprise principles into the military will lead to data-driven decision-making and more secure, efficient, and cost-effective systems.

midsize business leaders discuss contingency plans with ERP data

Why ERP Can Be The Secret To Fueling A Recovery For Midsize Companies  

30-Apr-2020 | Christian Horak | Intelligent ERP

Cloud ERP provides the proactive insights and visibility that decision-makers need to navigate today, plan for tomorrow, and succeed for years to come.

plant worker oversees machines in an assembly line

Fueling The Next Intelligent Factory

29-Apr-2020 | Christian Boos | Intelligent ERP

Real-time localization with global track and trace is unleashing a revolution across the entire global supply chain.

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