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Two engineers use data from an intelligent ERP to program a machine on the production floor

Intelligent Automation On A Next-Generation ERP

16-Apr-2020 | Tamara McCleary | Intelligent Automation

With intelligent ERP, companies can use AI, machine learning, and RPA to automate processes, boost efficiency, and focus on valuable tasks.

Employee reviews data analytics and possible decisions generated by a bot on her desktop

Your New Operating Model: Bots On The Team

18-Mar-2020 | Bryan Lapidus | Intelligent Automation

Are bots really on the team, or are they just a tool like a spreadsheet or an accounting system? And how do we best work with and use them?

View of a row of cars going down an assembly line

The Intelligent Automotive Enterprise: Five Ways Forward

9-Mar-2020 | Judy Cubiss | Intelligent Automation

To move toward becoming intelligent enterprises, companies in the automotive industry are focusing on these five key strategic priorities.

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