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Five Automation Technologies To Catalyze Finance Transformation

19-Nov-2019 | Benno Eberle | Integrated Financial Activities

As business increasingly asks for more from finance organizations, it’s time to consider advanced automation solutions that go beyond streamlining operations.

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Three Pillars Of Intelligent Treasury Management: Process, Visibility, And Analytics

5-Nov-2019 | Ido Shamgar | Integrated Financial Activities

Intelligent treasury management consolidates your view of financial data to provide access to your business' financial health in real-time.

Finance team meets to discuss business planning integration

Not Quite Like The Movies (But Close): Real-Time Visibility For Finance

22-Oct-2019 | Pras Chatterjee | Integrated Financial Activities

Finance now has the tools to execute real-time visibility. Here's how to make it a reality for your company.

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