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The End Of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) As We Know It

20-May-2019 | David Williams | Integrated Business Planning

While it’s the end of CPM as we know it, the need for agile enterprise planning and a faster, more accurate close remains.

strategy, integrated business planning, balanced scorecard, planning

How To Translate Abstract Strategy Into Concrete, Measurable Business Actions

16-May-2019 | Aldo Ambrosio | Integrated Business Planning

The combination of integrated business planning and the balanced scorecard enables companies to connect long-term strategic priorities with short-term actions.

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Your Voice Matters: Survey On Cloud ERP

23-Apr-2019 | Bert Schulze | Integrated Business Planning

ERP's definition and even viability have changed many times over the past two decades. But what does ERP mean for your business today?

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