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Are You Addressing Technology Hype With “Digital Optionality?”

10-Jul-2018 | James Lavely | Innovation Strategy

Here's how to assess your digital optionality roadmap and incorporate sources of information on emerging technologies that may be relevant to your business.

innovation, digital transformation, omnichannel, partnerships

A Sustainable Enterprise-Level Approach To Innovation (Part 1)

25-Jun-2018 | Gerrit Kotze | Innovation Strategy

Start with a four-step process of understanding context, establishing detailed objectives, and formulating the innovation strategy.

digital transformation, finance

Why Pour Your Tax Savings Into Digital Transformation?

21-Jun-2018 | Todd McElhatton | Innovation Strategy

While it might make sense for companies to use their increased after-tax cash flow for a wide range of laudable purposes, digital transformation can provide long-term benefits missing from those other opportunities.

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