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Encouraging Rolls-Royce Power Systems To Create An Innovation Culture

21-Sep-2018 | Tobias Essig | Innovation Culture

Conceived as a UX topic in IT, design thinking birthed an organization-wide, innovation mindset change at multinational manufacturing company.

diversity, women in business, inclusion, mentoring, HR, purpose

Managing A Diverse Workforce For Value Creation In A Purpose-Driven Economy

13-Aug-2018 | Gina McNamara | Innovation Culture

When diversity is considered a business asset, not a hindrance, leaders can use its rich perspectives to champion innovation and drive organizational growth.

How Purpose-Driven CFOs Inspire Business Fit For Today And Tomorrow

9-Aug-2018 | Anthony Coletta | Innovation Culture

The focus on purpose helps CFOs to innovate business models, processes, and partnerships that add value that goes beyond the business and the customer.

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