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Hands-Free Future

1-Apr-2019 | Rosina Geiger | Innovation Accelerator

Startup 4tiitoo is using eye tracking and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to build an intelligent, hands-free supply chain.

Adaptable Culture Energizes Digital Transformation

5-Apr-2018 | Cristiano Barbieri | Innovation Accelerator

Here's how Brazilian insurer SulAmérica tapped the power of digital transformation to gain a new competitive advantage that has strengthened customer satisfaction, freed agents from shuffling paperwork, and lowered operational costs.

Customer Experience: Catalyst Or Beneficiary Of Digital Transformation?

29-Mar-2018 | Cristiano Barbieri | Innovation Accelerator

The bottom-line essence of digital transformation is fundamental to success: To improve the experience of every customer – and the people providing the services – with an integrated, always-on digital platform for 24x7, agile gathering, and sharing of information.

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