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Team celebrates their chief security office on her accomplishments

The Chief Information Security Officer Is Not The Enemy

27-Jan-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard | Information Governance

Armed with tools, trust, and support, cybersecurity experts can take their rightful place as allies and trusted business partners.

Young entrepreneurs working in their start-up office. They are talking and using laptops. coding. Overhead view.

An Outcome-Driven Enterprise Data Strategy: Ongoing Data Maintenance

13-Jun-2019 | Maria Villar | Information Governance

Poor data quality can cost your business time and money. Ongoing maintenance is essential to keep your business updated and accurate.

Driving Success In Digital Transformation: A Q&A With BackOffice Associates

9-Oct-2018 | Jean Loh | Information Governance

Dave Spencer, president of BackOffice Associates, North America, offers insight on how CIOs can streamline and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

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