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homeowner programs her internet of things enabled thermostat with her mobile device

The State Of Industry 4.0 In 2020: Smart Products

13-May-2020 | Robert Merlo | Industry 4.0

Intelligent products have already increased revenues and profitability in the past year – a trend that is expected to continue over the next five years.

Workers on shop floor examine manufacturing equipment

The State Of Industry 4.0 In 2020: Plants And Processes

11-May-2020 | Robert Merlo | Industry 4.0

While progress is being made, plants still struggle with cyber-risk and providing access to Industry 4.0 data for executives, customers, and suppliers.

Industry 4.0 in action as an automated machine helps build product on a manufacturing floor

The State Of Industry 4.0 In 2020

7-May-2020 | Robert Merlo | Industry 4.0

Companies moving forward with Industry 4.0 initiatives are reaping the benefits while laggards are realizing the need to catch up quickly, finds recent survey.

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