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car lined on on city street across five lanes

Why Own A Fancy Car When Getting From A To B Becomes An On-Demand Service?

21-Jan-2020 | Harald Wouters | #Industries

Mobility as we know it will change drastically in the coming years. Even owning a car may become as irrelevant as driving one.

Agricultural fields farms in Brazil at sunset

The Field Of Gold: Why It Is Time To Rethink Your Customer Service

20-Jan-2020 | Pedro Ahlers | #Industries

For chemical manufacturers, customer service is about business growth, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty; efficiency and cost-saving are side effects.

Shopper walking on street with her purchases

Managing Experience And Costs On Retail's 2020 To-Do List

15-Jan-2020 | Elizabeth Maffei | #Industries

Where is retail heading in the context of private label initiatives, constant change. and experience management?

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