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How IoT Is Improving Communication In The Transportation Industry

23-Mar-2018 | Konstanze Werle | #industries

Fleets aren’t yet comprised of autonomous vehicles, but they are headed in that direction thanks to great advancement in digital technology. Discover what these innovations can tell you about your company's fleet.

Connected Marketing: How IoT Is Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

23-Mar-2018 | Joerg Koesters | #industries

IoT technology is transforming the way companies and customers interact and revolutionizing customer engagement by leveraging data and insights for real-time action.

How Real-Time Consumer Intent Is Changing The Sales Cycle

22-Mar-2018 | Ralf Kern | #industries

Real-time intent is a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses close more deals by providing the information consumers need at the exact moment they’re open to receiving this information. This drives decision maker consensus, reduces barriers to sales, and primes consumer to take immediate action.

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