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Industry 4.0 in action as an automated machine helps build product on a manufacturing floor

The State Of Industry 4.0 In 2020

7-May-2020 | Robert Merlo | Industrial Internet Of Things

Companies moving forward with Industry 4.0 initiatives are reaping the benefits while laggards are realizing the need to catch up quickly, finds recent survey.

Logistics warehouse

Industry 4.0, Digital Supply Chain, And Sustainability: A Chat With Hans Thalbauer

11-Mar-2020 | Tom Raftery | Industrial Internet Of Things

Hans Thalbauer, SAP supply chain and IoT expert, explains the importance of sustainability in Industry 4.0 on the Digital Supply Chain podcast.

manager working on her tablet to check IIoT performance in a factory

How Industry 4.0 And Digitization Are Driving Innovation And Customer Satisfaction At GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group

4-Feb-2020 | Richard Howells | Industrial Internet Of Things

GEBHARDT Intralogistics Group's market leadership is built on 67 years of experience and a dedication to deploying innovative technologies.

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