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Self-Rating Gives SMEs A Complete Financial Picture For The First Time

9-Jul-2018 | Scott Campbell | In-Memory Computing

Self-Rating uses proprietary algorithms, in-memory databases, and predictive analytics to help small and midsize enterprises compare their businesses to peers and even pick up on warning signs and hidden problems.

Digital Transformation: Why It Matters And How To Get There

30-May-2018 | Jamshid Vayghan | In-Memory Computing

In today’s fast-paced business environment, established companies must embrace enterprise-wide digital transformation that leverages their existing IT capabilities. The key is a strong and flexible foundation of information and capabilities that typically reside in systems of records to drive these initiatives.

Why Translytical Data Platforms Are The Way Forward

5-Feb-2018 | Jane Fu | In-Memory Computing

“Translytical” data platforms, which combine transactions and analytics on a single platform, can help boost business agility. Here's how.

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