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A Look Beyond The Basics Of Cloud Database Services: What’s Next? Part 2

21-May-2018 | Ken Tsai | In-Memory

The first wave of cloud database simply took existing software and put it into the cloud. But very quickly, database management system providers realized this was an opportunity to rethink the architecture of their products.

autonomous database, data management, in-memory

Don't Fall For The "Autonomous Database" Distraction

2-May-2018 | Greg McStravick | In-Memory

The innovation story in data management is a lot different than the one legacy vendors are telling.

CeBIT: Digitization And Why It Is Different This Time

16-Mar-2016 | Kai Goerlich | In-Memory

Today's digitization differs from what we've seen in the past: It's faster, more disruptive, and not just driven by IT.

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