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nurse walking in hospital

3D Printing To The Rescue: Innovation During Crisis By Automotive Companies

28-Apr-2020 | Judy Cubiss | Improving Lives Premium

Auto manufacturers are employing their additive manufacturing facilities to 3D print PPE and other supplies to combat the recent pandemic.

Worker inspecting car body in car factory

Protecting What Matters: Caring For Our Automotive Workers

13-Apr-2020 | Aswin Mannepalli | Improving Lives Premium

Facing disruptions in supply chains and many other operational challenges, auto executives are facing multiple crises, especially when protecting their workers.

refugee camp

Delivering More Effective Disaster Relief Through Technology-Enabled Humanitarian Logistics

24-Mar-2020 | Frank Omare | Improving Lives Premium

As climate change affects more people, we need to get better and faster at deploying disaster relief to help them.

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