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Bamboo lined path

How ‘Sinnfluencers’ Are Shaping The Future Of Sustainability

5-Nov-2019 | Alina Gross | Improving Lives Premium

Bamboo toothbrushes are one example of products promoted by "sinnfluencers": purpose-driven influencers who put sustainability at the top of their agendas.

team of adults form a pile with their hands

New Film Challenges What It Means To Be Intelligent

21-Oct-2019 | Margot Goodson | Improving Lives Premium

SAP's sponsored documentary, Intelligent Lives, increases awareness of the benefits of including people with intellectual differences in the workplace.

Water bottling line for processing and bottling pure spring water into canisters

How Design And Experience Inspires Change: Rethinking Plastic Waste

17-Oct-2019 | Dr. Sally Eaves | Improving Lives Premium

A new exhibit tied to London Design Week calls attention to environmental sustainability, particularly the problems of plastic waste in our oceans.

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