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How Software Vendors Can Jump-Start Integrating Analytics Into Their Applications

2-Jul-2019 | Chandana Gopal | IDC

To optimize the chance of business success, enterprises are now looking for ways to generate insights from their huge quantity of data.

Finance leaders uses technology for audit, compliance, and security management on a laptop

Automation Brings Much-Needed Support For Finance Compliance And Security To Growing Businesses

2-Jul-2019 | Bruce Romney | IDC

Most finance organizations in midsize companies are well-positioned to adopt intelligent technologies to automate audit, compliance, and security management.

midsize business leader oversees cash and expense management

Cash And Expense Management: Building Finance’s Influence In Midsize Businesses

25-Jun-2019 | Ben Brewer | IDC

For best-run companies, cash and expense management is more than just tracking where money comes and goes; it's a critical asset for proactive decision-making.

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