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Building The Big Data Warehouse, Part 4: Key Aspects Of An Effective Solution

27-Mar-2018 | Barbara Lewis | IaaS

While some key challenges remain to implement and successfully run a Big Data solution, there are now very good options for overcoming those challenges quickly and ensuring that you are ready for future scaling and technology evolution.

Building The Big Data Warehouse, Part 3: Overcoming Challenges

20-Mar-2018 | Barbara Lewis | IaaS

While some organizations will find that they can achieve an ideal on-premises data solution, there are strong reasons to consider a hybrid cloud or cloud-only environment in order to achieve Big Data goals.

Don't Shortchange Your ROI Evaluation Of Mission-Critical Applications In The Cloud

18-Dec-2017 | Allan Adler | IaaS

An ROI, value-focused perspective leads many business leaders to choose a private managed cloud option. Which offering is best for your environment?

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