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IT specialists analyze data protection of IT systems based on GDPR standards

Four Reasons Why Data Protection, AI, And The IoT Are Changing The Cloud And IT Security

11-Jun-2019 | Ulrich Kreitz | Hybrid Cloud

GDPR, the Internet of Things, automation, and AI pose new security challenges for cloud users and providers, and they have no choice but to respond.

hybrid cloud, cloud computing, staff, training, technology, change management, shadow IT

Hybrid IT Tactics And Techniques

4-Jun-2019 | James Miller | Hybrid Cloud

To fully embrace hybrid IT, companies must address both technology and the human side of change. Here are five actions they need to take.

hybrid cloud, cloud migration, cloud computing, public cloud, private cloud

Overcoming The Challenges Of The Shift To Hybrid Cloud

15-May-2019 | Karun Sorout | Hybrid Cloud

Key factors enterprises must take into account to overcome challenges and achieve success in their cloud migration.

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