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Steve Jobs And The Art Of Being “Insanely Great"

29-Oct-2015 | Fred Isbell | Human Potential

Whatever your calling is, just make it great. After all, it takes lots of hard work and passion to be, as Steve Jobs would say, insanely great.

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The Judo Of The CDO: The 3 Sutras Of The Modern Information Blackbelt

6-Oct-2015 | Tina Tang | Human Potential

Lessons for the CDO: Here are 3 Big Data sutras learned at the MIT Chief Data Officer Forum West event.

Don’t Give Learned Helplessness A Chance

30-Sep-2015 | Patrick Willer | Human Potential

Learned helplessness occurs when “victims” believe they have no control over events that are happening to them. Here's how to combat it.

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