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Milky way, hour-long time exposure, Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada

Innovation Superpowers In The Age Of Intelligence

18-Jun-2019 | Rudeon Snell | Human Machine Interaction Premium

Master your innovation superpowers to drive exponential growth.

finance leaders discuss operational efficiency and revenue growth of their midsize business

A New Perspective On Data Can Revolutionize Finance At Midsize Businesses

18-Jun-2019 | Ido Shamgar | Human Machine Interaction Premium

Proactive, systematic transformation of finance can uncover new opportunities and take on areas of improvement to deliver unprecedented growth.

team uses predictive analytics to determine how to launch a new promotion

Using Data To Improve Your Digital Core: A Q&A With Expert Data Scientist Yves Mulkers

18-Jun-2019 | Ursula Ringham | Human Machine Interaction Premium

Expert data architect Yves Mulkers shares his vision for improving your digital core and operational efficiency with data.

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