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Physical therapist with patient

The Staggering Impact Of AI In Current And Future Healthcare

17-Sep-2019 | Geetika Tripathi | Human Machine Interaction Premium

AI is transforming and revolutionizing the medical and healthcare industry in many ways.

Business decision-maker evaluates analytics on a large touch screen

Trends Based On The Digitalization Of Society

17-Sep-2019 | Mark Albrecht | Human Machine Interaction Premium

The digital age isn’t just creating new trends in technology; it’s also impacting society. Here are four examples.

Woman Looking at a Map

Beyond Data Visualization: Three Pillars Of Comprehensive Reporting For The Intelligent Enterprise

4-Sep-2019 | Thierry Audas | Human Machine Interaction Premium

Revamping enterprise reporting with machine intelligence and easier access for business users extracts more value from data.

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