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Tech Unknown Podcast With Kirk Borne: Connecting Islands of Innovation

15-May-2019 | Tamara McCleary | Human Machine Interaction Premium

Most enterprises have siloed departments pursuing digital transformation. How can you unify these efforts for organizational change? Kirk Borne discusses.

experience economy, Palm Springs, travel and tourism, smart city, ROI, infrastructure

Reimagining Smart City Procurement With Digital Technology

7-May-2019 | Hal Good | Human Machine Interaction Premium

Digital technologies make it easier to connect infrastructure investments with their return on investment, says Palm Springs procurement director.

SAP, Apple, Porsche Motorsport, mobility, iOS, Formula E racing, race cars

Competition Is Everywhere

7-May-2019 | Friedemann Kurz | Human Machine Interaction Premium

In high-performance racing, the competition isn’t just on the racetrack. Find out what leading automakers do to get ahead in all aspects of their business.

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