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Entrepreneurs testing virtual reality technology

Will AI Force Humans To Become More Human? (Part 2)

28-Jan-2020 | Bill Schmarzo | Hitachi

Will AI create an environment where design thinking skills are more valuable than data science skills? Will AI alter how we define human intelligence?

Two people shake hands

Will AI Force Humans To Become More Human? (Part 1)

21-Jan-2020 | Bill Schmarzo | Hitachi

As AI gets better, characteristics such as empathy, compassion, and collaboration may become the high-value skills cherished by leading organizations.

Top 5 CIO blogs in December 2019

Top Five CIO Blogs Of December 2019

9-Jan-2020 | Jean Loh | Hitachi

Find out what was on IT leaders' minds at the end of 2019.

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