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Crossing The Big Data Analytics Chasm

25-Sep-2018 | Bill Schmarzo | Hitachi

The key to any organization’s digital transformation is becoming more effective at leveraging data and analytics to power their business models.

Top Five CIO Blogs Of February 2018

8-Mar-2018 | Jean Loh | Hitachi

Practical applications of emerging technologies: That's what most interested our readers last month, as this roundup of the best-read blogs illustrates. Here are the top 5 CIO posts of February 2018.

Top 10 IT Trends, Part 4: Biometric Authentication, Agile Methodology, And Co-Innovation

28-Feb-2018 | Hu Yoshida | Hitachi

From biometric authentication to agile methodology, here are three IT trends expected to gain traction this year.

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