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Five Ways Data Analytics Can Help Close The Gender Gap

8-Mar-2018 | Beatriz Sanz Saiz | Hiring Gender Bias

The more we learn and use data analytics ethically and responsibly, the greater our chances of living in a more equitable world.

leadership, diversity, procurement

Procurement And Gender Diversity: Building Leadership That Matters

28-Feb-2017 | Marcell Vollmer | Hiring Gender Bias

The longer I work in procurement, the more I understand how the lack of women with decision-making responsibility hinders performance company-wide.

women in technology

‘Women In Tech Jobs’ Initiatives Are Failing. Why?

10-Nov-2016 | Andre Smith | Hiring Gender Bias

Diversity recruiting and promoting strategies haven't increased the number of women in tech jobs. What can the industry do to correct the imbalance?

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