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Top Five Finance Blogs Of April 2019

7-May-2019 | Jean Loh | Hackett Group

The top five finance blogs of April explored various aspects of the evolution toward intelligent finance.

finance, digital transformation, cloud, robotic process automation, master data management

Three Steps To Accelerating The Progress Of Finance Digital Transformation

11-Apr-2019 | Nilly Essaides | Hackett Group

Finance is placing the greatest emphasis on technology to build a strong foundation for process efficiency: cloud applications, RPA, and master data management.

finance, leadership, Hackett Group, digital transformation

New Study: Finance Is Set To Gain Digital Transformation Momentum

26-Feb-2019 | Nilly Essaides | Hackett Group

Hackett Group report offers a sobering yet optimistic reality check on just how far finance has progressed in its digital journey.

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