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A New Day At The Grocery Store

14-May-2018 | Randy Evins | Grocery Retail

Change can be hard, but there are some very compelling reasons grocers should drive for total digital transformation and become a connected digital enterprise. Here are a few areas of implementation, along with compelling reasons to make the change.

Chinese woman text messaging on cell phone in grocery store

How Traditional Grocers Can Regain Their Foothold With Digital Consumers

12-Apr-2018 | Randy Evins | Grocery Retail

The grocery game is not won with over-stocked shelves and big freighter jets. Sure, they are helpful. However, the actual differentiator is how well the retailer engages with consumers in the store and online and understands their needs and wants.

How Grocery Retailers Can Survive Digital Disruption

16-Mar-2018 | Stephanie Waters | Grocery Retail

Only 35% of food spending takes place in a food store today, according to a recent IDC survey. Is your grocery retail able to survive digital disruption?

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