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finance team discusses GRC performance

Reducing Risk, Increasing Retention, And Recruiting Top Talent

1-Jul-2019 | Molly Boyle | Governance

Cloud-based, accounting- and finance-specific technology solutions immediately increase controls and dramatically reduce risk in its many forms.

Young entrepreneurs working in their start-up office. They are talking and using laptops. coding. Overhead view.

An Outcome-Driven Enterprise Data Strategy: Ongoing Data Maintenance

13-Jun-2019 | Maria Villar | Governance

Poor data quality can cost your business time and money. Ongoing maintenance is essential to keep your business updated and accurate.

team discusses performance in data management, governance, and analytics

An Outcome-Driven Enterprise Data Strategy: Data Lifecycle Processes

6-Jun-2019 | Tina Rosario | Governance

A successful outcome-driven data strategy must include processes for managing – creating, updating, and deleting – business-critical data.

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