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Digitalist Flash Briefing: Growing Companies, It’s Time To Master The Numbers Game

4-Jun-2018 | Bonnie D. Graham | GMN

Today’s briefing looks at how many small and midsize businesses – SMEs – view the rise of data everywhere as a reality they can’t live with and they can’t live without.

Growing Companies, It’s Time To Master The Numbers Game

7-May-2018 | Mario Farag | GMN

Spreadsheets, dashboards, and reporting templates are not cutting it in a world where constant evolution is the rule, employees work anywhere, and first-mover advantage can mean the difference between profit gain and revenue loss.

Chatbots: Redefining Customer Service For Growing Companies

12-Apr-2018 | Chandran Saravana | GMN

By combining machine learning with the recent slew of chatbots, even small and midsize service organizations can improve interactions for both the customer and the customer service rep.

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