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Managing A Diverse Workforce For Value Creation In A Purpose-Driven Economy

13-Aug-2018 | Gina McNamara | Gender And Inclusion

When diversity is considered a business asset, not a hindrance, leaders can use its rich perspectives to champion innovation and drive organizational growth.

Why We Are Not Done With Gender Equity Yet

1-Jun-2018 | Dr. Patti Fletcher | Gender And Inclusion

For over a decade of fighting inequity, I have been asked the same question by family, friends, and strangers alike: Why are people (i.e., me) still talking about women in business? The simple answer is: because we are nowhere close to done.

Saadia Zahidi: Advancing Gender Equality

17-Apr-2018 | Jane Lu | Gender And Inclusion

Saadia Zahidi, head of education, gender and work at the World Economic Forum, joins Michelle King to discuss the unique skills women contribute to the changing world of work, and how leaders can help close the global gender gap.

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