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Digitalist Flash Briefing: How To Manage Diversity To Power Innovation – And Why You Should

21-Aug-2018 | Bonnie D. Graham | #FutureOfWork

Take a look at how diversity has moved from being a “special interest” issue to a central driver of business success.

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How To Manage Diversity To Power Innovation – And Why You Should

27-Jul-2018 | Guenter Pecht | #FutureOfWork

Diverse teams create more revenue through innovation than less-diverse teams, which makes understanding and managing the relationship between diversity and innovation critically important for any business.

From Stone Axes To Space Shuttles: The Human Capacity To Innovate

20-Mar-2018 | Guenter Pecht | #FutureOfWork

As artificial intelligence begins to shape entirely new workplaces, organizations are keen to advance their levels of automation. But in so doing, they shouldn’t lose sight of what makes them truly innovative – the fact that we’re simply human.

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