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The $17.7 Million Edge That’s Helping Capital-Intensive Companies Overcome Market Volatility

18-May-2020 | Bil Khan | Forrester

Integrating enterprise content management and master data governance solutions prepares capital-intensive companies to navigate every disruptive twist and turn.

Chefs in a Kitchen --- Image by © Tim Pannell/Corbis

Two Key Ingredients For Intelligent Innovation

17-Jun-2019 | Ryan Champlin | Forrester

Intelligent innovation mixes the skill, creativity, and dedication of the people in an organization with the support of the right technology infrastructure.

Grounded By On-Premise ERP? You Can Still Benefit From Modernization

15-Jan-2019 | Carl Dubler | Forrester

Here’s what to consider when evaluating different solutions – and partners – for your own ERP transformation journey toward becoming an intelligent enterprise.

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