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How IKEA Builds Sustainable Innovation Into Its Business Model To Improve Lives

8-Jun-2018 | Judith Magyar | #Forbes

Every company has a purpose. For IKEA, it’s about creating a better everyday life for the many people without compromising on price, form, function, quality, or the environment.

B2B, e-commerce, procurement, sales

What Business Buyers Can Learn From Amazon – Or Not

1-Jun-2018 | Susan Galer | #Forbes

Business buyers are bringing their consumer shopping expectations into the workplace, demanding the same levels of choice, convenience, and personalized support. Or not. These were two of the seemingly contradictory conclusions I drew after listening recently to several procurement experts.

diversity, women in business, inclusion, IBM

Why We Are Not Done With Gender Equity Yet

1-Jun-2018 | Dr. Patti Fletcher | #Forbes

For over a decade of fighting inequity, I have been asked the same question by family, friends, and strangers alike: Why are people (i.e., me) still talking about women in business? The simple answer is: because we are nowhere close to done.

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