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Spread Of Infectious Diseases, Consumer Goods Adoption, And Technology S Curves

11-Dec-2018 | Rohit Tripathi | #FoCEC

The Bass Model helps predict a new product's market, even when there's limited historical data on the category.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) For PSD2

6-Dec-2018 | William Dudley | #FoCEC

PSD2 SCA is a complex set of regulations, but it can be implemented to meet today’s authentication challenges and options and protect all parties involved.

authentication, security, mobile security, PSD2, SCA, strong customer authentication

Strong Customer Authentication For PSD2 In The EU: Elements For Success

26-Jul-2018 | William Dudley | #FoCEC

The EU's Second Payment Services Directive requires more robust security practices for online payments. Learn the compliance requirements for strong customer authentication (SCA).

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