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Purpose is becoming big business. In fact, it’s making businesses big – and successful. Purposeful brands not only help consumers emotionally connect to the product, but also benefit communities, society, and our planet. Our #FitForPurpose series discusses the importance of purpose-driven business, and showcases how leading with purpose works for some of the most well-known brands in the world.

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How Having A Higher Purpose Can Humanize A Brand

26-Oct-2016 | Julie Barrier | Fit For Purpose

Want to humanize and bring purpose to your brand and to your organization? It must come from the bottom up and have commitment across all departments.

darwin survival of the fittest

Survival Of The Super-Fittest: The World’s Most Purposeful Brand

13-Jun-2016 | Julie Barrier | Fit For Purpose

Find out what puts Unilever at the top of the Fit for Purpose index that ranks the top 100 worldwide brands that flex their purpose muscle.

recruiting corporate talent

A Fitness Regime For Flexing The Purpose Muscle

1-Jun-2016 | Julie Barrier | Fit For Purpose

For enterprises, purpose offers greater opportunities, focus, direction, and performance – all with a social or human need at the heart.

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